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Trainings und Videos gibt es dazu von der Embedded Academy.

Professional e-learnings

Benefit from long-standing experience and deep expertise in technical areas (automotive, industry, telecommunications, medical technology), highly qualified employees from different fields (electrical engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, economics, business administration, teacher qualifications, English philology, design) and established e-learning technology!

What do e-learnings from the Embedded Academy look like?

What are the benefits of our e-learnings?

Learning at your own speed

Tailored to your needs

Modular design


Saving money (compared to classroom-based sessions)

FAQ - Embedded Academy E-Learning Subscription

General Information

You gain access to high-quality e-learnings from technical domains such as automotive, industry, telecommunications and medical technology. We are steadily increasing our contents and, if you wish, we will be pleased to keep you up-to-date. → Roadmap 2020

You decide when you want to …

  • test your knowledge: Take a quiz and see whether you fully understood the topic of the e-learning.
  • expand your knowledge: Complete the units anywhere and anytime and as often as you like.
  • be aware of your knowledge: Start at the basics or simply skip certain topics.
  • show your knowledge: If desired, a training credit on successfully completed units can be provided.


The subscription fee is to be paid annually.

All subscriptions will be renewed automatically after the course of a year. You may cancel your subscription at any time.

You can choose between the following payment methods:

PayPal (standard option)
Direct debit
Credit card


As soon as you are logged in, you have access to all e-learnings via the e-learning page where you can start your selected unit. After logging out, you will be redirected to our product page.

We would be pleased to prepare an individual customized offer for your company. Contact us via

Technical Requirements

You have to be online to work with our e-learnings.

All you need is internet access. The e-learnings run on all devices but we recommend using devices with larger screens such as tablet computers, laptops or computers.

At the moment, Google Chrome duplicates the audio track in your first session. Therefore, we may ask you to use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Edge until we can solve this problem.


Call us under +49 941 / 46297422 and we will try to help you immediately. Of course, you can also write us a mail:

E-Learning Roadmap 2021

Embedded Academy: Roadmap 2020

Sign up for the Embedded Academy

Annual subscription 640,00 Euro (plus VAT)

Get access to all of our e-learnings!
Unlimited learning with animations, interactivity, videos, quizzes and a glossary

Interactive trainings and videos tailored to your needs

We create professional e-learnings for current technical topics.

Trainings Zur EC-LIB Flexibel Und Bequem Auf Laptop Und Tablet.
Trainings Zur EC-LIB Flexibel Und Bequem Auf Laptop Und Tablet.
E-Learnings Der Embedded Academy Bequem Am Laptop Oder Tablet
Einblick In Das Individuelle Mitarbeitertraining Für ISystem
E-Learnings Der Embedded Academy Bequem Am Laptop Oder Tablet

Professional E-Learning

→ Numerous interactive features available (Slider, quiz, drag & drop, gaming)
→ Motion paths for characters
→ Slide layers (Responses based on interactions)

Review process

→ Easy communication via web app and chat
→ Contextual feedback
→ Documentation of review process

Commitment to Quality

→ Didactics: New content is processed and edited based on the newest teaching and learning approaches with a focus on a learner-friendly structure
→ Design and animation: Selected visualisations and a clear design facilitate memorisation
→ Processes: Uniform concepts in symbol use and colour scheme

Training Consulting

We create and provide high-quality learning materials, videos and e-learnings.

Within the Embedded Academy, we can offer an extensive support with creating learning materials. Be it the modification or animation of existing material and slides, the creation of technical documentation, lab manuals or tutorial videos and e-learnings – we adapt to your wishes.

We support you with the creation of learning material, with the didactic and creative revision of existing material or the development of comprehensive course units and a corresponding knowledge management.

In larger projects, we follow a four-stage process.

Creation of learning material in a 4-step process

The status quo is considered, categories are formed and learning sequences created where storytelling concepts are included.

Concept Development can be divided into three parts:

  • A didactic concept is developed where focus is put on an interconnectedness of the contents as well as a complexity proportionate to the topic. Great importance is placed on the structure, the safeguarding of knowledge, the integration of existing knowledge and a practice transfer.
  • In close collaboration, we develop a design concept such that the learning material and its colours, layout, design and symbols fit your other documents.
  • Moreover, together a media concept is established to ensure the use of the right file formats and media.

According to the structure and the concepts, the learning material will be gradually created.

We recommend to include the course units and potential further explanations (e.g. a glossary) into a knowledge management system. Moreover, all course units should be linked in the knowledge management to ensure access for all parties.


for individual e-learning units created for clients

Online trainings for the topics debugging with winIDEA und testing with testIDEA

– Didactic editing of expert knowledge
– Conception of modular online materials for self-studies
– Design concepts incl. colours, symbols and layouts to support the learners comprehension
– Graphics to visualize complex connections and processes
– Creating final e-learning materials for debugging and testing with winIDEA, testIDEA and BlueBox

Knowlegde management, document production and training for employees for AUTOSAR software components.

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