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Embedded Academy: Weiterbildungsakademie für die Embedded Branche mit technischen Seminaren und Trainings - Logo und Grafik Regensburg
Embedded Academy: Weiterbildungsakademie für die Embedded Branche mit technischen Seminaren und Trainings - Logo und Grafik Regensburg

“I learned a broad range of things in this seminar, be it the introduction into the programme or the solution of profound problems. And it was also possible to discuss my own problems in particular! Everything was well-explained and the practical applications were thoroughly demonstrated.”
Ulrike Schenk | Areva GmbH
Seminar: Software Architecture for Embedded Systems

I am glad I attended this seminar. The trainer is passionate about what he does and always had a useful example from his vast experience at hand. In particular his explanations of state machines and message sequence charts gave me the motivation to rethink old software structures.
Annette Burmeister | MicroFuzzy GmbH
Seminar: Software Architecture for Embedded Systems

I felt very comfortable during this seminar and took home a variety of new approaches.
Otto Seknicka | Voith Turbo GmbH
Seminar: Software Architecture for Embedded Systems

As a project manager and software architect, I was able to structure and connect my existing knowledge further. A personal highlight was the systematic view of patterns important for embedded software and their practical application.
Jörg Winges | Continental Automotive GmbH
Seminar: Software Architecture for Embedded Systems

“As a balancing group manager for biogas, there are also interdisciplinary tasks which cause me to work at the interface between intern and extern. This high-quality seminar gave me important impulses for my professional management functions. I particularly liked that a comprehensive answer was promptly provided to questions which arose from my own practical working experience.”
Eugenija Sufik | BayWa r.e. Green Energy Products GmbH
Seminar: Führen ohne Weisungsbefugnis

“Due to the technical expertise of the trainers, it was possible to have a lively, goal-oriented discussion with an additional focus on potential solutions. In particular the side-by-side comparison of methods which are applied within our own company and the working sequence favoured by the QFD resulted in several déjà vu experiences. To sum it up: Our time was well-invested and the trainer’s knowledge of the topic has to be praised – definitely a recommendation!”
Thomas Kuttenberger, Albert Schmidbauer | MR Reinhausen
Seminar: Application of the QFD Method for Product Development

“The seminar was a lot of fun and had the benefit of refreshing knowledge from other areas (presentation / conflict management) as well.  The premise, the organisation and the service on-site at Eclipseina GmbH in the technology centre TechBase were excellent.”
Dipl. Ing. (FH) Helene Wiethaler | Qualtity Manager
Seminar: IREB® – CPRE – Foundation Level

“I was able to gain a very extensive impression of the possibilities of CMake. The carefully chosen and well-planed exercises, which built on one another, were a special highlight for me. Organisation and location were on point as well. I will come back for more seminars of the Embedded Academy for sure!”
Philippe Bergér | Bühler AG
Seminar: CMake

“This training provided all the necessary input for working with CMake on a daily basis. On the next day, I was already able to put my new knowledge to work in my current project.”
Michael Farmbauer | OTH Regensburg
Seminar: CMake

“This training was instructive and affirmative, interesting and inspiring as well as entertaining. Organisation and location were perfect.”
Dipl. Ing. (FH) Burkhard Kempf – energy consulting and special measurement technique
Seminar: Train the Trainer Qualification

“Over the course of two days, this seminar presented a full range of tools which every trainer should be familiar with. It was particularly enjoyable to see all of them being put to life by the trainer herself. Moreover, every participant had the chance to assume the role of the trainer, to try things out and to receive feedback by both the other participants and the trainer. I highly recommend this seminar.”
Dr. Henrik Rentz-Reichert | protos software GmbH
Seminar: Train the Trainer Qualification

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