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E-Learning Betriebssysteme

E-Learning Operating System (Englisch, 55min)

  • General Introduction
  • Kernel
  • Multitasking
  • Safety and Other Advanced Aspects
  • Embedded OS

E-Learning Real-Time Operating System (Englisch, 65min)

  • General Introduction
  • Revision
  • Characteristics
  • Tasks
  • Scheduling
  • Typical Problems

Die erste Lektion dieses Kurses richtet sich an Personen, die an einem groben Verständnis von Betriebssystemen interessiert sind, z. B. an Personen in Management- oder Hardwareentwicklungspositionen. Sie ist auch für Anfänger und Quereinsteiger in der Systementwicklung relevant und könnte eine gute Wiederholung für Softwareentwickler sein.

What Are Operating Systems?

Most people know operating systems from their computers, e.g. UNIX, LINUX, Windows or mobile phones, e.g. Android. However, there are numerous other devices with operating systems. In case of embedded systems, the operating systems are running on microcontrollers. Regardless of whether an operating system is used on a microprocessor or a microcontroller, the main task of an operating system is to provide an interface to the application and to enable access to the hardware, which makes handling much easier.

Why Are Operating Systems Needed?

Operating systems must meet two important requirements. The operating system provides an interface for the user and the application software to access the hardware. It abstracts the real hardware so that it is easier for the user and the programmer to understand and handle. The operating system also manages the hardware and devices so that all programs can access the resources in an organized manner.

How Are Operating Systems Related to Embedded Systems?

Complex embedded systems have multiple tasks with different recurrence. This applies for medical applications or for autonomous driving applications in cars and many other embedded applications. Those embedded system applications use operating systems to reduce complexity by providing hardware abstraction and performing sophisticated resource handling.

What Can You Learn About Operating Systems in the Embedded Academy E-Learning?

In the first lesson of this course, you learn what an operating system is.

Therefore, you are familiarized with the kernel, which holds the core functionality of the operating system.  In this chapter you get to know the scheduler, which controls the execution of multiple tasks and allocates resources to them. This is covered in greater detail in the chapter “Multitasking”. To complete this lesson, safety and other advanced aspects are covered as well as the characteristics of embedded operating systems.

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