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Embedded Academy Seminar RISCV: führt in das Thema RISCV ein und beschreibt die Standards, die in der RISCV foundation behandelt werden. Es wird ein Überblick über die SW tool chain und die weit verbreitetsten HW Plattformen gegeben.

SystemC / TLM2 Primer (english)

This 3-day training introduces the SystemC C++ class library and the TLM 2.0 modeling standard. It is intended for engineers who are new to SystemC or those with an interest in learning SystemC for modeling purposes. The participants will learn how to write, compile, execute and debug system and hardware descriptions with SystemC and will receive thorough coverage of the concepts of the Accellera/IEEE TLM 2.0 modeling standard. This course is a mix of lectures and exercises.


Feb 19 2020 - Feb 21 2020


9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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