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V3.1 ASPICE – Management

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E-Learning Course V3.1 ASPICE – Management

60 min
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E-Learning Automotive SPICE® – Project Management (30 min)

  • MAN.3: Project Management

E-Learning Automotive SPICE® – Risk Management (30 min)

  • MAN.5: Risk Management


The target of this course is to understand ASPICE and to get detailed information about the management processes.

This course is addressed to project managers and line managers, but is also recommended for those who work according to Automotive SPICE or are planning to improve their work flow within their organization and projects.



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What is the Management Process Group?

The MAN management process group describes typical management processes within systems and software development that apply to the automotive industry. For example, classic project management is included in this group as MAN.3 Project management. MAN.5 Risk management for identifying, analyzing, handling, and monitoring risks is also included here. The third process in this process group is MAN.6 Measurement for measuring product and process development to enable effective management and demonstrate the quality of products.

Why is the Management Process Group Needed?

Within ASPICE, the Management Process Group describes typical management tasks that are typically also performed in non-automotive system and software projects. For successful system and software development you simply need project management, you need to implement risk management and you should always have a good understanding of the performance of your project and your applied processes.

How is the Management Process Group Related to Embedded Systems?

When developing Embedded Systems, different domains have to work together. An embedded software is not just a piece of code running on a computer – no – the software is controlling the behavior of a system, in case of ASPICE the controlled system is a vehicle such as a passenger car. The processes in the ASPICE Management Process Group have the task to manage the development of an embedded system.

What Can You Learn About ASPICE in the Embedded Academy E-Learning on Management Processes?

The course “Automotive SPICE® V3.1 – Management” The course “Automotive SPICE® V3.1 – Management” currently includes two e-learnings covering the Management Process Group.          
The first e-learning talks about the Project Management Process MAN.3. It was included as it is part of the VDA scope, a required subset of the ASPICE processes which is essential for approval for production at German OEMs. After completing this e-learning, engineers will understand the ASPICE project management requirements.       
The second e-learning features the Risk Management Process MAN.5.