Further Education Consulting

In many organizations, increasing technical complexity means that development teams are each working on different topics. For a targeted and efficient professional development of the staff, a coordination between the technical roadmap and the further training planning is therefore essential.

Our experienced technical experts and managers will be happy to advise you.

Life Long Learning

Life long learning extends over different phases and thus requires different priorities. In the subject area under consideration, we see the following main emphases in continuing education.

E-Learning: Embedded Academy Continuing Education Consulting

Bringing new employees up to speed

The Embedded Academy helps to close the gaps created by the different curricula of the universities.

Equipping employees with up-to-date know-how

Promoting innovation through cutting-edge technical topics, e-mobility, electronics and embedded.

Update knowledge

Learners can take a look at necessary technical topics without feeling embarrassed, thus refreshing their knowledge.

Our Service

We advise and support your personnel development and continuing education organization on a conceptual level and are happy to accompany you during implementation.

Further training concepts

 Together with you, we develop further training concepts and accompany their implementation in order to create a professional foundation for the future. We bring our experience in the efficient cooperation of personnel development, training organization, innovation management and technical departments to bear for your benefit.

Learning journeys

 We are happy to work with you to develop task-related learning journeys that take into account a wide range of aspects such as specialist background, current range of tasks and technical roadmap.

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