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Measurement Technology Using Strain Gauges – Basic Course

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E-Learning Course Measurement Technology Using Strain Gauges – Basic Course

60 min
Study Time
5 h


E-Learning Introduction (35 min)

  • Motivation
  • Properties

E-Learning Physical Basics (25 min)

  • Revision
  • Strain


The aim of this basic course is to be able to do a measurement with strain gauges. This course provides the basis for the advanced course.

We recommend this course especially for: Laboratory technicians, beginners, management, marketing, sales, laboratory managers, engineers and senior engineers.



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What does measurement technology with strain gauges mean?

Measurement technology with strain gauges deals with the functionality of strain gauges as well as the methods for measuring and evaluating a signal. Furthermore, the aim is to obtain information about physical quantities, such as forces.

Strain gauges are sensors that measure the strain of a material. In this course, electrical foil strain gauges are considered in particular.

Why do you need measurement technology with strain gauges?

Strain gauges are used to measure strain and infer stress and load. Nowadays, the tensions in components often can be calculated. The results then can be checked with the help of strain gauges. In addition, measurements often are made using strain gauges during the commissioning of safety-relevant structures such as bridges.

How is measurement technology with strain gauges related to embedded systems?

Strain gauges can be used in sensors and their data can be processed in embedded systems. The signals sent by strain gauges can be amplified in an embedded system and evaluated by a microcontroller. The data then flows into the calculation for the control of actuators, for example, or is transmitted to other embedded systems or PCs via bus systems.

What do we learn in the Embedded Academy E-Learning basic course about measurement technology with strain gauges?

The e-learning course starts with an introduction to the topic, which enables newcomers and career changers to get to know all the important terms and contexts. It then covers the basic physics relevant to understanding how a strain gauge works as well as how to measure with it.

This is followed by a detailed discussion of the Wheatstone bridge, which is important for making measurements with strain gauges. This is further followed by a discussion of how strain gauges need to be positioned in order to measure certain physical quantities and what types of designs result from this. At the end it is explained how to install electrical foil strain gauges.