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Automotive Cybersecurity

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E-Learning Course Automotive Cybersecurity

60 min
Study Time
5 h


E-Learning Automotive Cybersecurity Awareness (60 min)

  • Introduction
  • Why Automotive Cybersecurity matters
  • Regulations and Standards
  • Cybersecurity in the Product Life Cycle
  • Cybersecurity Threat Analysis, Risk Assessment and Treatment
  • Cybersecurity Controls and Requirements
  • Cybersecurity Verification and Validation Testing


The target of this course is to get an overview of what is relevant in the topic of automotive cybersecurity. The learner will be aware why automotive cybersecurity is important and how it is regulated, implemented and controlled.

It is relevant for everyone who is involved automotive cybersecurity topics.



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What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a combination of technologies, controls and processes that protect systems, programs and networks from various cyberattacks. The aim of the attacks can be different such as information disclosure or damage.

When we are talking about cybersecurity in the automotive industry, we are talking about securing vehicles from cyberattacks. Some of the main reasons to attack vehicles are car tuning, unauthorized access or car theft.

Why Is Cybersecurity Needed?

Cyberattacks can damage not only the product but the whole company as well. The number of cybersecurity incidents increased in the last five years and it is expected that this growth will continue. That‘s why cybersecurity is important. It protects all categories of data and helps to secure information and the system from any damage or theft.

How Is Cybersecurity Related to Embedded Systems?

The connectivity and complexity of embedded systems make them susceptible to cyberattacks. Attackers hack them to spy on devices, to take control of them, or to disable them. Cybersecurity protects them against unauthorized access and so keeps the embedded system secure and all information private.

What Can You Learn About Cybersecurity in the Embedded Academy E-Learning?

In the first lesson of this course, you learn why automotive cybersecurity matters. You get introduced to the main reasons for the implementation as well as the top attack points. In the following, you get to know the important regulations and standards as well as the role of cybersecurity in the product life cycle. In the following, you learn the cybersecurity threat analysis and risk assessment, also known as TARA. It is explained through an example so it is easy to understand. At the end of this course, you will learn what are the cybersecurity controls and requirements and you will take a closer look at the cybersecurity verification and validation testing.