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E-Learning Operating System

E-Learning Operating System (55 min)

  • General Introduction
  • Kernel
  • Multitasking
  • Safety and other Advanced Aspects
  • Embedded OS

The first lesson of this course is targeted to people interested in a rough understanding of operating systems, for example for people in management or hardware development positions. It is also relevant for beginners and lateral recruits to system development, and might be a good revision for software developers.

What Are Operating Systems?

Most people know operating systems from their computers or mobile phones. However, there are numerous other machines with operating systems besides those two examples as it makes programming and handling them significantly easier. The operating system builds an interface for the user and the application software to access the hardware. It abstracts the real hardware; therefore, it is easier to understand and to handle by the user and the programmer. The operating system also manages the hardware and the devices, so that all programs can access the resources in an organized manner.

Why Are Operating Systems Needed?

Operating Systems are needed to operate complex systems like computers. There are many operating systems for many different use cases.

How Are Operating Systems Related to Embedded Systems?

Complex embedded system like cars or digital cameras use operating systems because these systems can get very complicated, and operating systems can handle this complexity.

What Can You Learn About Operating Systems in the Embedded Academy E-Learning?

In the first lesson of this course, you learn what an operating system is.

Therefore, you are familiarized with the kernel, which holds the core functionality of the operating system.  In this chapter you get to know the scheduler, which controls the execution of multiple tasks and allocates resources to them. This is covered in greater detail in the chapter “Multitasking”. To complete this lesson, safety and other advanced aspects are covered as well as the characteristics of embedded operating systems.


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